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Feature Free Vulnerability Scan Annual Scan + Protect
Scanning for SQL Injection & XSS
Scanning for OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities
Scanning behind Login pages
Monthly Scan
On-demand / Scheduled Scans
Export Reports in PDF/CSV
Integration with CI/CD Tools (Jenkins, VSTS)
REST API for Integration
Integration with Bug Tracking systems (Jira)
Vulnerability Fix Guidance
Layer 7 Protection (Web Application Firewall)
Zero-day Automatic Protection
Cloud-based Security Operations Console
Hacking Incident Response & Remediation
Dedicated Security Expert
Email Support
Remote Support

Enterprise Plans include REST API, CI/CD Integration (Jenkins, VSTS), Jira integration, On-premise Installation and dedicated Security Analyst.

We have secured 100+ websites since 2016 India's fastest growing Security Product Company Platform

Single Dashboard for 360° Application Security

Schedule scans, manage vulnerabilities and automate virtual patching from a single dashboard.

Proactively Secure multiple Web Apps & API

Protect all your apps under the same roof and get complete visualization of your security posture.

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Special Support for Development Companies

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The best time to secure an app is before it gets launched. So unless you want competitors to reverse-engineer and scrape your data, better secure it from the start.

Shipping source code to client?
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Insecure code is the weakest link in a vulnerable application. Build confidence in your deliverables so that you can rest assured of security bugs in production environment.

Selling a Customized Solution?
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In the post-Equifax era customers are more likely to buy a solution thoroughly audited for security issues. An app certified by security experts will always win the show!

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