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BugShield protects your Websites / Apps / API from Hackers / Bots / Malware.

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Enterprise-grade Protection

BugShield continuously watches over your websites to detect and prevent any upcoming threats by proactively blocking their access.

Up-to-date Threat Intelligence

Our Threat Database protects against thousands of attacks on popular development stacks and CMS applications like Wordpress, Magento, Joomla.

Monitored by Security Experts

Our team of highly skilled security experts work around the clock to ensure the safety of your website by monitoring all possible threats.


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BugShield provides

Instant protection from web attacks

DDoS Protection

DDoS attack exploits vulnerability in your application logic so that the server stays busy and is unable to process newer requests.

BugShield blocks these attacks, keeping your application available to genuine users.

Hacker Protection

Hackers try to use automated tools to find out security vulnerabilities in your website to plan more complicated attacks.

BugShield not only blocks automated scanners, it also blocks every hacking attempt.

Bot Protection

Automated bots regularly scan your site for stealing content and generating spam traffic, consuming a large amount of bandwidth.

BugShield identifies bots and prevents them from accessing your website.

Malware Protection

An insecure website or server can be used as a host for distributing malware to your visitors. It can get your website blacklisted and unreachable.

BugShield blocks malware uploads on your website in realtime, no antivirus required.

Fraud Protection

If your website is dealing with money or financial data it can be targeted for fraudulent transactions that may result in financial and reputation loss.

BugShield has advanced fraud detection and prevention capabilities to handle such issues.

Spam Protection

Spam is a global problem for every internet-connected resource. It can be time consuming or frustrating to clean effects of spam.

BugShield has a frequently updated spam blocker that is the only anti-spam solution you will need.


Protection Plans

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WAF with customized rules

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Custom SSL

Vulnerability Scanning

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What Our Customers Say

Anil Parmar

CEO, GloryWebs Creative Pvt. Ltd.

Our client was facing spam issues and we thought it was a problem with the mail server but BugSkan identified the vulnerability in the plugin and removed the malware that was the source of spam .

Boni Satani


We had a malware issue on our website - it would randomly redirect to spammy links! Before we started losing traffic and ad revenue, BugSkan helped us fix the issue in no time.

Mahendra Sharma

CTO, Matrubharti Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We had a good experience working with (Bugshield Team), they have clear understanding of online web security and helped us to identify vulnerabilities on our online presence.